5 Project Management Software Tools

5 Project Management Software Tools For Remote Workers

Project management software helps teams keep track of different projects. This includes analyzing risks and keeping communication channels open. It also helps to determine if a project is on track or not.

One of the best simple project management tools is Trello. It’s easy to use, combines many planning and communication tools under a single roof and can be customized according to individual needs.

ProProfs Project

Project management software like ProProfs Project is one of the best tools for managing your work remotely. It offers personal to-do lists, task tracking, AI-powered risk analysis, and other features. Using this software can help you accomplish your projects more quickly and improve relations with clients, leading to increased profits. Moreover, it can also reduce time theft, which is one of the most significant problems faced by remote workers.

The software is simple and easy to use. It requires no coding skills and has built-in integrations with other apps. In addition, it allows users to customize their workflows. The user can select from pre-built task and project templates, visualize workflows with Gantt charts and Kanban boards, and track time spent on a particular task. It also has a powerful reporting engine that provides insights into key metrics such as team performance and response times.

ProProfs Project is an online project management tool that enables you to delegate tasks, monitor progress, and generate and share invoices. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to assign tasks and set due dates. The app also enables users to set priority statuses and automate repetitive tasks. It also enables them to monitor their progress and track billable hours for client invoicing.

The ProProfs Project website has many helpful tutorials and FAQs for new users. It also has a free trial period for users to try the software before deciding to purchase it. It is recommended that users familiarize themselves with the features and functionality of the software to avoid confusion and frustration. If you are unsure about the features, consider comparing them with similar products. You can find them by searching for terms such as “ProProfs Project Alternatives” or “Task Management Tools.” Alternatively, you can filter for these terms on the ProProfs Project website to narrow down the results.


GanttPRO is an online project management tool that offers a simple interface for creating, planning and controlling projects. Its features include a Gantt chart based timeline, robust workload control and time logging. It can also be used to create reports and manage finances. It can help you keep track of deadlines and important milestones, which is especially useful when managing software development projects. The tool is available as a free trial and can be tried by anyone.

A key feature of GanttPRO is task management, which makes it easy for teams to prioritize tasks and manage their progress. The tool also enables you to set task durations and connect them with dependencies. The tool automatically updates the timeline if any changes are made to a task or its dependency. The software also provides a flexible calendar with customizable working days and weekends.

The project dashboard allows you to see all your projects at a glance. You can also view your team members’ performance and see the work they have done on each task. You can even share tasks with a click of a button. The tool has multiple reporting options, including graphs and spreadsheets, which allow you to monitor the overall progress of a project.

Its user-friendly interface is great for visualizing progress and reducing the number of emails between project managers and their teams. It also supports both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. In addition, it includes a powerful Gantt chart with a drag and drop functionality. It is easy to use and can be customized for any project. The tool is ideal for small and mid-sized companies. Its intuitive design allows you to quickly create a Gantt chart and make changes in real-time.


With actiTIME, you can manage project scope and assign work to your team. It also helps you keep everything on track with the insightful data it provides. It also allows you to create custom types of work, automate cost calculations and generate invoices. It also offers a variety of security features, including password strength requirements and account lockout policies. It also provides daily data backups, as well as on-demand data import and export services.

In addition to its feature-rich functionality, actiTIME is easy to use. It lets you track time spent on projects and clients, and it automatically syncs with QuickBooks. It also lets you create a weekly timesheet and set up email notifications. You can even track work on the go using its mobile app.

Users can manually record their time using a simple time-track form, and can add comments to each entry. They can also view the weekly timesheet in a calendar view. Admins can also approve or reject time entries by user or bulk action, and can lock timesheets to prevent changes once they’ve been submitted.

The program also supports offline tracking through a mobile app and a browser extension. Users can also record hours using a timer and then sync them to the web timesheet when they’re online. It also comes with a variety of other useful features, including the ability to track overtime and leave time.

Compared to other project management software, actiTIME offers a lot of advanced features. It also offers a free version and several paid versions. The paid versions include the option to upgrade to a more flexible version with additional features. In addition, it can be installed on your own servers for greater control and flexibility.

Atlassian Jira

Atlassian Jira is a project management software tool that combines a range of powerful features. It is a great choice for teams that are deploying agile practices. Its robust support for Scrum and Kanban allows teams to track work iteratively and deliver value incrementally. It also provides features for tracking the time spent on tasks and identifying bottlenecks.

Admins can tailor permission levels on a per-project basis or follow more sophisticated rules using Jira’s permission schemes. They can also create and edit custom workflows, which are the set of default behaviors that apply to a specific type of issue. Project managers can also use the built-in archiving feature to close a project and remove it from active usage.

Jira also offers out-of-the-box reports that enable teams to monitor progress and predict future performance. For example, the product release report helps teams determine how long it will take to get a new version out the door. It also enables teams to spot issues that might slow down the release process.

Similarly, the sprint analysis report lets teams see how much work they can realistically complete in each sprint. This is especially useful for spotting bottlenecks and anticipating future issues.

Unlike some other project management tools, which require admin access to set up and configure, Jira can be used by non-administrators. However, the interface is designed for software developers or engineers and may be difficult for non-technical users to learn. This might delay the adoption of Jira in some departments.


ZenTao is an open source project management software with a wide range of features and functionality. It is used by a number of companies, including Haier and China Mobile, to manage the development of software products. It also provides a platform for collaboration between teams. ZenTao is available as a cloud-based solution and a desktop client. It includes agile planning and tracking, bug tracking, and team communication tools. Its features are designed to help agile teams deliver quality software faster.

The latest release of ZenTao focuses on improving the management model and adding a new feature called “program.” The program is a high-level project that consists of multiple projects, sub-projects, and iterations. It also supports hierarchical access control and is more useful for managers to form strategic directions at a macro level. The new version also adds a waterfall management model (ZenTao Max) to the agile one, enabling different projects to support different management models.

Another addition to ZenTao is a new function of chat online, which allows users to communicate and collaborate with each other in real time. The feature is easy to use and can be accessed through the left navigation bar of the application. In addition, ZenTao has improved its performance in terms of synchronization and data merging, making it even more powerful.

ZenTao is a powerful tool for Agile software development and testing. It’s easy to integrate with other tools and has many features that make it a great choice for agile teams. For example, it includes a bug tracker that can beat Jira in domestically, and a robust test management tool that’s easy to use. It’s also a great choice for non-IT business teams that want to use an Agile project management tool.

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